LED Flashing Warning Light heads for vehicles, trucks and emergency services.

UAG Services offers a complete range of LED flashing warning light heads to suit a wide range of applications. From Amber flashing light heads for vehicle, utes, trucks and equipment to Red Blue light heads for Emergency Services vehicles and trucks. We also have white/clear and green options available where our customers require alternate colours. Our range of LED Warning light heads come in various sizes and shapes, you can select from low profile warning light heads with a small footprint or light heads that offer 180 degree beam spread.

The range of LED flashing Warning Light heads also include the ability to synchronise the light heads and make groups for complete control. All these features are controlled internally by the light heads and no additional controller box or equipment is needed. Simply add your switch to control the operation and change the patterns. All LED Warning light heads are made for the highest quality materials, LED Chips and manufactured to the highest standards.