Traffic Vehicle Fitouts

Author: UAG Services   Date Posted: 1 January 2019 

What do I need to get started in Traffic Control and Management?

So, you want to setup a traffic management and control vehicle and not sure what you need in regard to the traffic vehicle cage.

We at UAG Services are a traffic control equipment supplier and have put together a package to suit the most common traffic management vehcile setup.

There are some key areas you need to consider when setting up your traffic management and control vehicle:

  • Firstly you need a cage thats built from good quality steel that wont fall apart after 6 months.
  • You need to maximise your space, after all there is not a lot of room on the back of a ute.
  • You need on average about 25 multi message sign frames.
  • About 60 heavy duty sign frame legs.
  • A B Class traffic control arrowboard and a couple of beacons with somewhere to affix them. 
  • 3-4 (LSM) Chevron signs.
  • Extra area to hold core flute signs of various sizes.
  • 20 Cone Bars and somewhere to store them.
  • All leaving enough room for about 25 cones and a stack of bollards.
  • Throw in a couple of stop/slow Bats.

Now you have all the gear get it professional fitted at UAG Services so you are ready to deploy traffic control almost anywhere.

Traffic Control Vehicle fitout