How to choose your next Lightbar!

Author: Admin   Date Posted: 16 September 2013 

This is a quick buying guide checklist.

I am sure you have search the internet and found thousands of light bars.

So, you are in the market for a driving lightbar,
But which one is suitable, how do you know if it will preform for your needs?

Well, you can be confident when you select a lightbar from UAG Services that it's been designed and made
from the best material suitable to give you a great long lasting light output.

Things to consider when selecting your light bar are:

  • Will it fit into my location?
  • What are the mounting options?
  • What is the best power to size ratio I can fit?
  • Is it made from a high grade aluminum?
  • Are the LED Chips good quality?
  • LEDs can degrade quickly if too hot, what's the heat sink like?
  • What's the power connection? is it waterproof?

Sure you can buy cheap lightbars and continue to buy cheap lightbars to replace those that fail,
but I am sure your time is more worthwhile doing something other then replacing lightbars!


Happy Shopping.